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3rd International Skin Care Conference

Dates: 11-12 July 2018

Venue: Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

The 3rd edition of the Sun Protection & Anti-Ageing Skin Care Conference series will take place in July 2018, under its new title of the International Skin Care Conference, to better reflect the overall focus of the two days.

This 2-day international conference will provide an update on the international skincare scene, with a particularly close look at the technological and regulatory developments taking place in Asia.  The programme is still in development, but it is clear that the topics covered in the two previous outings will continue to be the subject of ongoing discussion. So key to the 2018 sessions will be issues such as sun protection methods (ISO and FDA), up-to-date technologies used to protect the skin from the sun, pollution and other environmental factors, methods of measuring the benefits of anti-ageing and skin lightening products, and regulations affecting the development, advertising claims and sale of sun protection and anti-ageing products in Asia.

In 2016 the conference considered both sun avoidance and sun protection, and the different approaches to these two issues in Asia and elsewhere. Sun avoidance plays a large part in the Asian culture in preserving skin condition, and sun protection strategies help to maintain a lighter skin tone. In addition, technologies to lighten skin colouration have been developed and used widely in Asia.

2016 conference session titles - 2018 titles coming soon!

1) Sun damage and ageing of skin

2) Sun protection and anti-ageing skincare strategies and benefits

3) Regulatory and consumer impact and testing

4) Anti-ageing and sun care technologies

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