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People Development Summit - What our clients say

Need a second opinion? To learn more about how the Summit works and its benefits, please take a moment to read the participant comments and case studies from the most recent People Development Summit. They tell a story of their experience both at the event itself and also what happens after. We would be more than happy to arrange a referral with any of our clients upon request.

People Development Summit - Delegate Feedback

“This is a fabulous format to learn from colleagues, and get underneath the niche offerings that different suppliers have that you wouldn’t get to in other settings. Everything is arranged so well for you that all you have to do is talk. If you are thinking this might be good for you - don’t think - just do it and you won’t look back.”

Gill Hunt: Learning & Development Director, Johnston Press


“Such a brilliant event; and well organised too. Be prepared to meet a lot of likeminded people from your field of expertise, and have your eyes opened to the future of L&D techniques and technologies. I would struggle to find time in day to day to meet as many suppliers as I have done this week, as these are the things in the diaries that get shunted out of more pressing activities, so having a solid block of time, to spend solely on finding solutions to problems you hadn't even thought may be an issue for the business in the next coming year has been invaluable. I am leaving refreshed and ready suggest new ideas to PizzaExpress.”

Jemma Jackson: Central Projects & Initiatives, PizzaExpress


“An excellent way to meet a range of suppliers in a short space of time and keep up to speed on what other organisations are achieving within L&D”

Janet North: Learning & Development Manager, CLH-PS


“I had a thoroughly enjoyable two days, making an excellent use of limited time available for meeting suppliers and likeminded people. As always Summit Events know how to put on a show and made sure the event ran like clockwork. A great time and I will definitely be back!”

Andrew Symonds: Head of HR, Tayto


“Loved it...nothing else to say. Right balance between Suppliers, Strategy sessions and social events”

Dani Saadu: Head of Learning & Development – Europe & Africa, The Collison Group


“I really enjoyed meeting the suppliers this year, as always the event was relaxed, there was no hard sell and everyone in attendance was really interesting to talk to and engaged in the event. This was one of the best I've attended”

Emily Allen: Senior Talent Manager, PKF Cooper Parry


“An excellent event with superb organisation and opportunity to meet and network with like-minded individuals. I would highly recommend future events to colleagues”

Alexandra Holmes: Head of Learning & Development, BLM LLP


“What an excellent way to spend 3 days, meeting like-minded people with brilliant and innovative ideas, not only did I learn new things from the moment I started to network but I also realised that I am actually also going in the right direction and this reinforcement gave me the confidence to ask more questions and get the most out of the event. The Strategy Groups were so valuable, the content was appropriate for the audience, the timing just right and I learnt so much, I don't have to trawl the government websites at all now for apprenticeships! The organisation of the event was second to none, so well planned and organised that it was seamless. The Summit team are always there on hand to help and answer questions and even point you in the right direction. Thank you, time well invested.”

Bernadette Flynn: Global Head of Talent Development – Monsoon Accessorize


“Great opportunity to focus on learning and development away from the day to day challenges. Great relaxed environment where you can build useful new relationships with suppliers and colleagues.”

Stephen Flurrie: Head of Learning & Development, East of England Co-op


“An excellent event - incredibly well organised and structured. I would definitely return. Many thanks for the effort put in to making it such a useful informative 2 days.”

Michele Hanley: Group HR Director, Viridian Group


“Very impressed with the organisation of logistics as always. I find this an invaluable way of condensing 6 to 9 months of networking into a day and a half. Strong blend of presentations and buyer meetings giving me an excellent forum for discussion and exploration of issues affecting my fellow professionals - both suppliers and delegates. Also made good follow up re-connections with suppliers I met last year. Definitely worthwhile. Now working with a supplier I met at last year's event.”

Steve Walker: Head of Learning & Development, Equiniti


“This was my first attendance at the People Development Summit and I didn't know what to expect. I left after the two days extremely pleased that I had attended. The supplier meetings were, on the whole, more about building relationships than hard sell which was refreshing and the strategy groups were very valuable. The two days were exceptionally well organised and I'd happily recommend people to attend. I am putting my name down for next year!”

Ian Turner: Head of Learning Shared Services, TalkTalk


“An amazing opportunity to meet with quality suppliers who truly represent their organisations and businesses. Dealing directly with senior people from these organisations means you get an answer there and then, rather than the normal sales patter with a common ending – I’ll have to go ask my boss!!. Would recommend this event to all my peers who are looking to partner with external organisations.”

Pinder Dhillon-Sehra: Head of Training Design, EE


“Inspirational, professional and enjoyable few days. Seamless logistics machine working perfectly - I am very impressed!”

Rikke Holmgaard: HR Director and Head of HR, Samsung


“It was my first Summit and I found the whole three days completely passed my expectations. The organisation of the three days was exceptional, the hospitality of the organisers was spot on and the food was remarkable. The chance to meet prospective suppliers worked well for me and I was happy with who I was able to see. The biggest plus were the standards of the workshops which opened up different avenues of thinking that I could take back to my business. The networking possibilities were excellent and I came away from the 3 days with some new friends, new ideas and potential partners to work with in the future. Thank you for the invite and I'm sure I'll be attending in the future”

Gareth Neighbour: Senior Training Manager, Yo! Sushi


“A thoroughly enjoyable and useful two days. The event was much less sales-focused than I was expecting, however it was great to have suppliers on hand for relaxed conversations and then to be able to directly compare them with others. The networking opportunities and strategy sessions were excellent platforms to meet peers from other sectors and share ideas. The organisation, hotel venue and food were all very good. Thank you for the invitation - I will definitely recommend to others.”

Jamie Butler: Head of Learning & Development, Nabarro


“This event was extremely well organized, with amazingly friendly and helpful staff. The time with suppliers was invaluable, as was the time spent with other delegates. As well as identifying some opportunities for my organization, I have built a network of colleagues that I can call on for support and advice. I returned to work excited about all the possibilities.”

Denise Humphries: Business Transformation Manager, Mitie Group


“Always such a well organised event. Much less 'hard sell' than others of its kind - great opportunity to network with others and find people with common situations - don't miss the Strategy Groups, they are very enlightening.”

Catherine Cape: Director – Talent & Development, Deutsche Bank


“Excellent, well organised event. With so many suppliers in the market place, it is valuable to dedicate 2 full days to meeting with suppliers and to understand what is available. A valuable development experience in itself as I learned about new ways of designing and delivering learning opportunities.”

Katharine Strain: Head of Talent and Organisational Development, Moy Par


<p“A really well organised event; very professional indeed. The quality of suppliers was extremely high and the meetings were arranged with a lot of thought and preparation, all relevant and useful. The networking was of the most benefit for me and enabled me to meet with like-minded professionals to share best practice and ideas with. A highly enjoyable two days with excellent presenters in a lovely location.”

Caroline Joy: Learning & Development Manager, EMCOR UK


“I approached this event with equal measures of apprehension and intrigue. I was very impressed with the management of the event. The Summit Team should be commended for their planning, organisation and management of proceedings. I believe I have benefitted immensely from engaging with delegates and suppliers alike. It was good to share experiences with L&D Professionals from other organisations and industry sectors - I don't often get a chance to do that. It was also good to get an insight into some of the solutions available from suppliers. The balance between meetings and workshops was also good. I thought the location choice, venue and choice of restaurant for meal on day two was excellent.”

Martin Taylor: Head of Organisational Development, City of Glasgow College


People Development Summit - Supplier Feedback

“An excellent event to meet clients and prospects in a relaxed environment.”

Jason Ward: Sales and Marketing Manager, Development Beyond Learning


“A brilliant collection of people, where everyone is on the same page as to why we're here and how we can all get the best out of the event. If you've ever been to one of those events where people are forced into sales meetings as "payment" for a "free conference" then rest assured, this is different. Everyone was attending wanting to meet with potential new suppliers and share ideas with fellow L&D peers.”

Helen Frewin: Talent Director, Totem


“The event, while very busy and quite intense, had a lovely friendly feel to it. Everyone was interested in meeting people and talking to each other. It felt very inclusive. People were very happy to work hard but to enjoy the playtime too.”

Eilis O’Sullivan: Business Development Manager, Ashridge Executive Education


““I thought it was very well organised with some very good attendees - all of whom spoke positively about the event. The quality was high generally in terms of organisation and service. Certainly better than other business development events that I have attended.”

Dan Hughes: Director, bridge][ability


<p“Great event for intensive meetings and good an opportunity to network and share ideas. Delegates are always engaging and it’s a jam packed few days”

Becky James: Director of Business Development Sales, ILM


“PDS 17 in Barcelona was my first event of this nature. But I enjoyed it, made a few friends, developed some business relationships which have already (after being back for just three working days!) grown into a dialogue back home. I'd say that of my 22 meetings, there are half a dozen live opportunities, a dozen positive conversations for the medium term and a few that probably won't come to anything for a while. That's worth it.”

Marc Zao-Sanders: Founder, Filtered


“The People Development Summit was an exceptionally well-run event which I think offers both delegates and suppliers a chance to build connections and improve the industry in general.”

Claire Clerkin: Senior Consultant, Wiser Working


“The registration, drinks reception and dinner give you an opportunity to meet people before the formal meetings the next day. Delegates and suppliers mix freely and there is a great atmosphere amongst other suppliers”

Steve Kay: Director, quality Culture


“This event is a great investment, both in terms of time and money as a supplier. The delegates were great, we met some fantastic people and had some great conversations that we hope will continue going forwards”

Jenny Jones: Sales Director, Dove Nest Group


“Summit Events have got the formula of this event just right. You are made to feel very welcome, and they create a relaxed but structured run of events. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of meetings/people and the type of companies the event attracts. We are very optimistic to turn some of these meetings into new business for our company”

Sally Moore: Head of Sales, ILX Group


People Development Summit - Case Studies

People Development Summit – to go or not to go?

Like many of my L&D industry colleagues, I often get invited to networking events sometimes in very grand venues, locations, or with a hot topic speaker or experience which usually piques my interest; sometimes I go and sometimes I don’t depending on what’s in my diary or what’s on at work...Read more


Great return on investment each year

Having attended many networking events and conferences over the years, I arrived at Summit fully expecting the same sort of behaviour, where delegates don’t turn up and they’re only interested in what goodies you have bought them...Read more


These guys deliver!

In a marketplace where you could attend a ‘Strategic HR Event’ or a ‘Meet the Supplier Event’ or a ‘Topical Networking Event’ every day of the week it is hard to know which organisations you can trust, which provide a great experience and which deliver on their promises...Read more


Fifteen meetings in two days and still standing

A dessert comprising meringue, yoghurt, cucumber and dill wasn’t the only highlight of David and Lucy’s recent visit to Copenhagen. Find out why Rambutan keep returning to the People Development Summit...Read more


Would highly recommend to anyone wishing to sell or procure People Development services

Up until I received a contact request I have to confess that I knew nothing of Summit Events or what they did. What I picked up straight away though was how persistent, yet professional and polite the team were. The positioning was to the point with a strong win/win scenario painted and so what possible reason could I have to not attend? None to be honest, so much so that a colleague also joined me for the second event and must say it is a decision I have never regretted...Read more


You can’t afford not to attend as it’s such a massive time saver!

I have worked in learning and development for over 15 years now and, as you can imagine, have been invited to and attended more events than I care to remember! However, from the start, there was that certain something that was a little bit different about the initial contact from Summit Events. They were friendly, professional, approachable and most definitely organised...Read more


I was concerned about the ‘hard sell’ but nothing could have been further from the truth!

I have been fortunate enough to attend two People Development Summits – the first in Brussels in 2013 and the second in Amsterdam in 2014. I have found the whole experience to be extremely positive and I have subsequently gone on to engage more formally with one or two of the suppliers I met whilst at the event; suppliers I probably would never have met had it not been for the Summit! ...Read more


Slick organisation and proven methodology

Amsterdam in the spring time and another Summit event. Our 8th event since Budapest in 2008. Since then we have been to Barcelona, Madrid, Brussels and now Amsterdam. The Summit experience is quite special. You feel part of the event as opposed to just a supplier or a delegate. We have been to other events and they lack the integrity and style of Summit. We only went to one other event and quickly realised why we liked Summit so much ...Read more


Getting to the top together

Many years ago I climbed a mountain called Toubkal for charity. I took on this adventure after some persuasion from the organiser and leader of the gang, a friend and then colleague of mine called David Schofield. He explained that completing such an adventure is not only rewarding as an individual but also as one of a team who are all focussed on one thing, getting to the top together. Turned out that the experience and rewards were far greater than he could have described ...Read more


Cut to the heart of matter by only meeting senior personnel

Wyboston Lakes has long been known as one of the country’s favourite award winning conference and training destinations. Wyboston Lakes took its fledgling Academy to the PD Summit Brussels in spring 2013. Only six months later we have developed an international Academy ...Read more


...totally worth the three days out!

I had never attended a Summit before and was really unsure of what to expect. I thought that it would be very 'salesy' with suppliers pushing their services on to you. I can honestly say that the experience was NOTHING like this. I had the best 3 days possible ...Read more

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