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Anti-Ageing Skin Care Conference

International Anti-ageing Skin Care Conference
New approaches to prevention and treatment

Dates: 7-8 June 2016

Venue: Royal College of Physicians, Regents Park, London

Scientific programme organiser: Dr Jack Ferguson, Skinnovation Ltd, UK

The 5th edition of the Anti-Ageing Skin Care Conference series will take place in 2016. The 2-day international meeting creates a high-level forum for in-depth presentations and discussion of the scientific, regulatory and marketing issues affecting this highly relevant and rapidly developing industry sector.

Advances in skin science, epigenetics, proteomics, in vitro cell techniques, the elucidation of new mechanisms in the ageing process and discovery of natural peptides and other substances that will beneficially modify the ageing processes in the skin, has led to a greater sophistication in anti-ageing skin care concepts and products. This year’s conference will discuss the changes from anti-wrinkle and moisturising creams to the effective contemporary formulations of today and the future that have an effect beyond that of the stratum corneum.

How regulators view these advances in anti-ageing skin care technologies and associated effectiveness claims will be explored and discussed in open forum.

Over the two days of the conference 16 invited speakers, expert in their fields, will present and discuss these and other topics related to skin ageing mechanisms, treatment and prevention. Topics will include environmental impact on skin ageing such as Infrared-A, PM2.5, customised skin care; clinical efficacy testing and cumulative effects and claims.

Conference session titles:

1) Skin ageing processes and causes of premature skin ageing

2) New technologies and treatments for premature skin ageing

3) Advertising and claim support for anti-ageing skin care products

4) Assessment and delivery of anti-ageing skin care benefits

Delegates will be professionals working and interested in the skin care product sector, in particular skin care formulation chemists and development scientists, product evaluators, clinical trial co-ordinators, regulatory professionals, senior managers in skin care development, marketing and sales and other professionals (dermatologists, beauticians, beauty editors, etc.) interested in the current status of the scientific aspects of anti-ageing skin care technology.

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