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Why you should consider promoting your services at the Rewards & Benefits Summit

We deliver on promise! We offer your business a guaranteed number of one to one meetings with a qualified and engaged audience of UK Rewards & Benefits buyers. Around 70% of the suppliers attend on an annual basis, a testament to the success of these events in generating ROI.

Business focus.  Attendance at the Summit is by invitation only to a limited audience of around 50 Rewards & Benefits Directors and 25 suppliers. We promote the event to the buyers as a time and cost effective way of vetting service providers and networking with their sector colleagues. The seminar programme is secondary to, but complements, the 1:1 meetings.

Shared experience. All participants stay in the same hotel for 2½ days. In addition to the one to one meetings, you will have time and opportunity to meet most of the other EB & Reward Directors - unlike shorter, UK-based events, there is no rush! The location and hotel are always first class. Networking in such an environment leads to meaningful and memorable introductions.

Meet the right people. You will receive detailed profiles of attendees from which to pre-select your best prospects. Via our secure online portal, participants can also send private messages highlighting specific services and requirements. Personalised schedules are sent to all attendees to approve in advance of the event.

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