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Summit Events - What our clients say

Is the Summit format a time effective way of sourcing new partners? Will it produce an ROI? For answers to all these questions and more please review these comments and case studies from our recent HR and People Development Summits, sharing insight from both a delegate's and supplier's perspective. We would be pleased to arrange a referral with any of our clients upon request.

Summit Events - Delegate Feedback

“This was my first Summit and I was extremely impressed with how well organised the whole event was. Everyone was extremely welcoming and friendly and it was certainly a worthwhile investment of my time. Since the Summit we have already actively engaged with one of the suppliers I met with and we have plans to work with a further two suppliers in the near future.”

Charlee Ashkettle: Compensation, Benefits and Analytics Manager, RenaissanceRe


“This was my first Summit, which I attended with an open mind. I found the event very well organised, and extremely useful in terms of meeting a large number of potential suppliers in a small time window. There were also additional benefits – the time to think more deeply about my organisation’s approach to physical and financial wellbeing, and the opportunity to network with other delegates with similar challenges. All in all – a very rewarding and enjoyable event!”

Mark Kendall: VP, Compensation & Benefits, DSC UKI, NHSSC & CDO, DHL Supply Chain


“It is quite difficult in the modern workplace to create both the capacity and the networks to allow you to gather new ideas of best practice, speak to inspirational peers and also understand the new angles and direction of providers who can deliver the solutions for you. The great attribute of the Rewards and Benefits Summit is that it allows you to have some dedicated time with partners where you can really put across the problems you are trying to solve to a high level of personalised detail to see exactly how the solutions could work for you. In addition to this the forming of plans benefits from the peers who have been in similar positions and their learnings sop by the time that you reach the end of the conference you are buzzing with ideas and longer term visions. The Summit also provides the opportunity for personal development and thinking about your communication, networking and planning skills. I returned from the conference with lots of new ideas to progress, new contacts willing to discuss best practice and supplier relationships where there was a real understanding of our business activities. For reward professionals the Summit really is the only event that allows you this high level of return for a little investment of your time.”

Ian Hodson: Head of Reward, University of Lincoln


“I attended the Summit in 2017 and was slightly worried that I would be just sold to continually! However, it was nothing like that and I found it a very useful and enjoyable experience. The talks were interesting, there was plenty of opportunity for friendly informal networking and I only met with suppliers I was interested in and could learn from without feeling any sales pressure. The Summit helped me bring into the focus the health and wellbeing priorities that I wanted to tackle and as a direct result we have now tendered and appointed new providers. We are now trialling an on call GP service and have a long term Health and Wellbeing road map in place! I would definitely recommend this Summit whether you have a particular focus or in mind or simply want to gain ideas and restart your thinking.”

Debbie Cam: Compensation and Benefits Specialist, Carlsberg UK


“I attended the Summit for the first time in May this year. I have to say, I was expecting to be bombarded with suppliers and individuals that were offering me products which would not suit my business, however, I can honestly say I was extremely impressed and surprised at the way the event was organised and the overall opportunity to meet with new providers and gain new ideas. The event was organised with small time slots with providers and then opportunity to hear from key speakers on relevant topics, gender pay, ageing workforce – really useful! It’s always difficult to take time out of a busy schedule to attend these sorts of events, but I found it extremely useful and also an opportunity to reapply myself into thinking about what’s next on the horizon for Leonardo Helicopters. The added bonus was that we got to mingle and discuss at each lunch and dinner with different professionals in the same field and from key companies, again that networking opportunity was invaluable. I would definitely recommend this event to my peers and colleagues – it’s a real opportunity to take time out and really think about Reward and Benefits as a whole!”

James Stephanie: Reward Manager, Leonardo Helicopters


“The 2017 Rewards and Benefits Summit in Barcelona was my first and it exceeded all my expectations. The structure of the event was slick and effective and I am pleased to say I have followed up on a number of my speed dates! The strategy sessions were an unexpected bonus, with all presenters and topics being thought provoking and engaging. I can’t wait for next years event, it is already in the diary.”

Catherine Chamberlin: UK & ROI Reward Manager, DIAGEO


“I attended the Reward and Benefits Summit for the first time last year and I left very impressed by the whole event. The day was very well organized with a range of speakers covering key hot topics in the reward industry and time slots to meet with a range of high profile suppliers to help support the C&B agenda in most organisations. It was a great networking opportunity as well. After having taken part, I would highly recommend the event to any Comp & Ben professional."

Ansa Javed: Senior Vice President | Regional Head of Compensation and Regulatory Reward, EMEA, Northern Trust


“An excellent way to meet several relevant providers in a short space of time.”

Matt Austin: Reward & Operations Director, Dyson


“A really enjoyable couple of days. Great networking with like-minded people that understand and share your challenges. Excellent strategy sessions and very relevant suppliers. All in all a great way to step out of your day to day to be able open your mind to new ideas. The Summit team were very helpful.”

Lia Villarreal Cruz: Head of ER, GAUCHO and CAU


“Very well organised, one of the best events I have been to. A good balance of informative, thought provoking strategy sessions delivered by peers, time for networking and meetings with relevant suppliers. I found it very useful and have made a lot of contacts that will support me in driving our Reward Strategy forward in the coming months.”

Kerensa Leatherland: Head of People Services, DX


“The conference and staff that ran it were fantastic. It enabled a thought provoking event which in essence was one of the most collaborative I've attended with other reward professionals. The conference was jam packed with snippets to take back to our own businesses as well as life-long friends.“

Tony Parker: Head of Reward & Benefits, Perform Group


“Relaxed and welcoming. A great mix of people and I've made some excellent contacts. Even though we were spending time with suppliers, it didn't feel like a 'hard sell' and allowed you to gather information first hand from those providers without feeling pressured, which is something that always puts me off. Thoroughly enjoyed the event and got a lot out of it - lots of ideas and food for thought.”

Vikki Gledhill: Reward Business Partner, Manchester Airports Group


“I thought it was a great get together of like-minded people! Everyone I talked to had got something out of the sessions. We were matched very well regarding what I wanted as an employer and what the supplier expected from me. I have gone away with ideas, contacts and new suppliers which I will hopefully be introducing to Ipsos MORI employees soon! The organisers are a lovely bunch, which helps! Thanks!”

Michaela O’Reilly: UK Reward Manager, Ipsos MORI


“The two days were extremely valuable - you only have discussions with relevant potential suppliers, so you know that you are making the very most of your time. Suppliers themselves seem well briefed and well-prepared to not just ‘sell’, but engage with you and look at your company's needs etc. In past experience, it’s also great that you aren't then bombarded with pointless follow-up calls/emails within 48hours of getting back! Networking with peers, both within strategy sessions and generally was also extremely useful. There was a great mix of companies, in terms of size, sector, purpose, benefits proposition, etc. - so I'll keep in touch with a number of people on reward topics and no doubt share some moans/ideas/questions in the future.”

James Whittaker: Reward Manager, Rugby Football Union


“The Reward & Benefits Summit is a real chance to build strong networks both with peers and providers. If anything will leave you full of new ideas for the workplace then this is the event to do it. Taking time away from the office environment and having the perfect environment to learn, engage and develop is priceless.”

Ian Hodson: Head of Reward, University of Lincoln


“I approached the event with an open mind as I was a little fearful about a pressurised sales environment. Instead, I found that people were there to explain their offerings and build relationships, and I learned a lot about areas I had not thought about. I will definitely be following up with some providers and took something out of all the discussions I had. The speaker programme was rounded, fun and interactive. Meeting counterparts in other large organisations is always an enriching experience.”

Mark Kendall: VP, C&B EMEA Region, Supply Chain DHL Supply Chain


“I thought it was well run and all the team were friendly and helpful. Good not to have too many attend, thereby leaving an opportunity to discuss with colleagues informally”

Doug Ross: Head UK & Ireland HR Reward, Roche


“I really enjoyed the Summit. It was great to talk to a number of delegates who were speaking the same language. The talks were really good and provoked thought; I will definitely be using some of the suppliers.”

Christine Johnston: Compensation and Benefits Manager, Moy Park Ltd


“A very well put together programme that brought a large number of like-minded people together. I am delighted with the takeaway knowledge and understanding - it has certainly made me think!

Ross McNaughton: Head of HR, University of the West of Scotland


“The event was extremely well organised and slick. The business meetings and strategy sessions were well arranged, informative and tailored to individuals. The logistics team did a fantastic job of coordinating the networking events and ensuring you were able to meet as many suppliers and other delegates as possible. Would highly recommend the event to anyone looking for new business ventures and to make some great contacts within the industry.”

Sarah Mountain: HR Business Partner, Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust


“The event was a fantastic opportunity to have a quick but effective discussion with relevant Reward & Benefit suppliers and has enabled me to come away and really focus on what the priorities are for our company over the next 6 months. There were some interesting options and we will definitely follow up on many of the conversations and connections now made with these suppliers. It was brilliant not to be distracted by the usual day to day work that typically diverts your attention when trying to have these kinds of meetings. It was also so beneficial to meet with peers from other organisations and discuss what is happening for them and what their priorities are. It certainly enables you to widen your network and build good relationships.”

Lara Lavelle: Employee Relations Manager CGG Services UK Ltd


Human Resource Summit - Supplier Feedback

“This event is an excellent way to meet a large number of prospects in a condensed time. Usually it would take over a month to achieve what we did in these 2 days. The event is really well organised and the attendees are all reward and benefits experts at their organisation so the level of conversation and insight given is excellent. Too many times at similar events based in the UK delegates have not turned up, sent a more junior member of the team or been called back into the office for an emergency. The fact the event is abroad in a beautiful city ensures their attendance and attention and provides the setting for very open and relaxed conversation.”

Steve Mason: Business Development Director, Personal Group


“Everyone was so helpful and friendly. The Summit was absolutely brilliant, impeccably organised, relaxed and hugely beneficial. I would definitely recommend to others.”

Susie Morris: Business Development Manager, Healix


“Hard to fault. My second event and definitely want to return!! Extremely well organised, with quality delegates and amazing attention to detail from the Summit Events team. We were able to build good relationships, especially at the social times which enabled us to get to know delegates on a personal level. Focussed and tiring few days, but well worth it!”

Ian Dearnley: Team Manager - New Business, WEALTH at work


“I find all the representatives from Summit helpful and engaging”

Lucy Allen: Business Development Director, P&MM - Part of the Sodexo Family


“Really good support from start to finish.”

Richard Ayers: National Business Development Manager, Wealth at Work


“The process of matching suppliers and delegates was highly effective and ensured all the 1:1 meetings were mutually beneficial. The fact everyone was in Barcelona gave a feeling everyone was more committed to the event - delegates were very engaging and keen to maximise their time and learning from the Summit.”

Andrew Pennie: Marketing Director & Head of Pathways, Intelligent Pensions


“The relaxed atmosphere makes for great conversations and new relationships to be formed”.

Steve Sykes: Head of Business Development, Gallagher Communication

Summit Events - Case Studies

Why I decided to invest in attending The HR Summit

I am fully aware that our current sales are based on past activities and that business growth is attained when we maintain a consistent and focused effort on new business generation. Sales are generated from many different channels so over the years I have devoted time researching which sales channels produce the best results. Consequently I have embarked upon telemarketing, exhibitions, email campaigns and social media strategies. I have been aware of the HR Summit for a number of years but had seen this event as a ‘would be nice to test’ activity once I had evaluated other avenues... Read more


I would highly recommend this to other HR Directors

I was recommended the HR Summit by a respected colleague who said it was the best of all the conferences she attends. She certainly wasn't wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed the event from start to finish and got some real value from it... Read more


This is a great investment of any HR Director’s time...

My first reflection on the HR Summit?... This is a great investment of any HR Director’s time! I admit that I was ap-prehensive before signing up to the summit in 2014. I needed to explore the offerings from a range of suppliers on various HR- and OD-related services, but I was concerned that this event would be hard-sell... Read more


Fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded HR professionals

I am regularly invited to events like this, but the HR Summit approach was a refreshing one, and I decided to go along. I was apprehensive at the thought of committing to lots of face to face meetings with potential suppliers, but I needn’t have been. In fact, these meetings were all extremely useful, and gave me a really good insight into what is available, and what is happening in the world of HR...Read more


Five reflections on the HR Summit 2015 - Bringing our values to life!

We’ve recently returned from two days at the HR Summit in Berlin, hosted by Summit Events. The HR Summit is an engaging, inten-sive and stimulating 2 days spent with senior managers from the HR World. Two days spent building relationships, sharing stories and having the opportunity to create some shared experiences and ultimately find some resonance for future working relationships!...Read more


We have secured business directly from this event – supplier perspective

GTI have not traditionally attended many HR events, sticking more to our niche area of early careers recruitment. We decided to widen this to target more senior HR professionals and budget holders. After a lot of consideration on how best to spend our budget, we decided on the HR Summit. While it was a large investment, other suppliers we had spoken with were very complimentary and we knew we would be able to showcase our business to the right audience...Read more


We do the HR Summit because it works!

Aon Employee Benefits, and formerly Lorica Employee Benefits, has selected the HR Summit as a key marketing and business development tool since 2009. We do this because it works. Frankly, the event makes for great business networking...Read more


Personal, friendly and relevant

When I first received the invitation from Summit Events to attend the HR Summit, I was very unsure about the value of attending. Having attended a number of similar events during my HR career, my overall impression was not a positive one. I spotted the name of somebody I knew well on the 2012 delegate list and therefore, I canvassed her opinion. She was extremely enthusiastic and told me that she was planning to attend the Summit again in 2013. Based on this recommendation and the fact that she was planning to attend for a second time, I signed up ...Read more


Human Resources Summit - A supplier’s perspective

We have been attending the HR Summit since 1999 and view this event as an integral part of our business development strategy. In advance of the event the Summit team work closely with us to ensure that our expectations are met and a clear explanation around the meeting schedule is facilitated.

The format of the event is set at just the right tempo ensuring that the correct balance between a busy itinerary and the opportunity to network is achieved. During the event the team work tirelessly to ensure that the meeting schedule is seamless. Delegates arriving for meetings are well briefed and not overloaded with meetings ensuring a more focused engagement is facilitated. ...Read more

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